Autumn is in the air

A walk in the park

Normanby Park

I love autumn! The fiery colours of the leaves contrasting against the verdant green of the slightly longer than it should be grass on which they fall, the smell of damp earth and the feeling of cold air against my cheeks. I even enjoy the rain at this time of year. It’s not yet so cold that it stings your face as it lands but its cold enough to be refreshing and reminds me of the cycle of nature relentlessly turning regardless of what we humans are up to at any given time.

Last weekend Miles and I went for a walk with Grauntie in Normanby Park. (Well actually he dangled happily from his sling while we walked.) It was the perfect day for an autumnal stroll. The air was cool and there was mist in the distance. The damp gravel gave a satisfying crunch with every step of my snuggly Ugg booted feet. We watched the deer from a distance as the stag loudly warned us to stay away (which fascinated Miles) then walked through the leafy park until our cheeks were suitably rosy and it was time to head home.

The best bit was remembering to take my camera. It’s hardly been used so far this year and I’m determined to get to grips with it. The park provided the perfect opportunity to practice.