Living life to the full

The recent death of a friend (not close but very dear) and everything that goes with that (the shock of losing one so young, so loved and admired, so healthy and full of life) is having a profound effect on me. 

Here was a man cut down in his prime; on the verge of achieving great success in his business, playing a key role in family life and maintaining a vast network of friends that adored him. At least 500 of them were at the church to say their final goodbyes, many having travelled far and wide to be there and many more unable to attend. 

With old friends and acquaintances reunited, as is the way with these things, the tears flowed and so did the drinks. The mourners determined to send Tim off in style and, apart from the lack of jagerbombs, I believe we did him proud. 

As well as goodbye the key message of the day was to be more Tim. #bemorecogley. But what does that mean?

Try as I might I cannot define the qualities that made this man so much to so many people. Yes he was kind, yes he was gracious, yes he was confident and charming, never arrogant, never mean, yes he was witty and inclusive and well mannered. But he was more than that. 

What plays on repeat in my mind is this quote from Lao Tzu:

The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long

I am so very grateful that Tim’s flame shone a light in our lives for a short while. 

And so, I will be more Tim. I will dress up, put on my sunglasses and go to the races. I will give 110% in every area of my life. I will be appreciative, remain humble and be a better friend. But, I’m also more determined than ever to drink less, eat better and get more sleep, because life is too short to be unhealthy and I’m living mine to the full.