Sometimes downtime is the most productive time

Yesterday I met my friend Stewart for coffee. The last time we met for coffee it was part of a revision session (we are both studying a professional qualification). This time our appointment was purely social. 
Stewart was running late so I got to spend a bonus ten minutes or so researching things to do on our upcoming holiday, admiring the view of the sun-drenched yet still cold village from within the local coffee shop and generally pondering what to do with my life. 
The latter is something I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating recently; trying to workout how I can incorporate happiness, fitness and deliciousness into my every day. With zero fulfilment from my current job I know I need to move on. The question is, move on to what?

Since we first met a few years ago I’ve made it my business to throw in my two penn’orth on all sorts of issues in Stewart’s life from his relationships – be they exes or prospectives – to his diet and exercise and even gift buying and his career. Today Stewart suggested I make that kind of thing my career; make a business out of other people’s business and become a life coach. 
I’ve looked into it; I have the required skills. The question now is how do I make the move?
My weekend downtime turned out to be my most productive day of the week, giving me a direction to work towards. It’s amazing what opportunities can arise when you stop looking.