Growing Better

This morning I had a rare opportunity to learn a bit more about Howard’s job. He took me to visit one of his soon to be suppliers, Growing Better, at their Yorkshire nursery. 
Growing Better is a social enterprise that is improving mental health through urban farming. We visited their salad nursery. 
On arrival we were met by Growing Better’s founder, Rob, who was kind enough to offer us drinks and show us around. I get the feeling Rob has started something really exciting. He is passionate about the produce and the future opportunities for the enterprise. 
As I photographed Rob and Howard chatting about the leaves I started to feel really excited as well. Growing Better’s produce is good, it’s local and it’s fresh. But they’re not just growing salad; they’re cultivating better mental health. With all the stresses that today’s modern society brings I think this is a really worthwhile project. 
At the end of our visit Rob generously gave us a tray of leaves to bring home. For perhaps the first time in my life I tasted a single baby leaf. It was delicate and fresh with a peppery finish. It’s name was Dragon’s Breath. We’ll be having more with our tea. 
I really look forward to seeing Growing Better grow more and I hope it’s a roaring success. 
For more information about Growing Better visit