Lent 2015

Every year I look forward to Lent. After the excess of Christmas and the fledgling fitness regimes that a new year invariably brings, Lent is the perfect opportunity to get focussed, get on track and bring resolutions together with a little extra challenge. Knowing that challenge is time limited and likely to end with a big chocolate egg makes achieving it more manageable.

I love to set myself fitness goals. This year’s is to run my first 10k. So far I only run a couple of times a week and not every week either. The farthest distance I’ve run yet is 5k at my local Parkrun. The training programme on my trusty Runkeeper app that will take me from 5 to 10k in time for race day starts today.

Nutrition wise I need to up my game. After my 2013/14 success with My Fitness Pal I’ve managed to maintain a slim figure but I’m aware my diet lacks the vitamins and minerals I need. The issue isn’t not knowing what to eat; the issue is making the time to plan and prepare meals.

For Lent this year I’ll be giving up meat, sugar and coffee. The idea being that
without these in my diet I’ll consume more fish, fruit and water. My commitment to Lent should ensure I pay more attention to the food I eat and take control of what I use to fuel my body by planning ahead and cooking from scratch. By the time Easter Sunday arrives I expect I’ll have no desire for that chocolate egg but instead a fitter, healthier body and mind.


What are your thoughts on this?

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